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Introduction to ELA:

The line separates evil and good, dark and light, order and chaos. It is made up of brave and resilient men and women who put their life on the line to defend our country and those who live in it. They are police officers, military members, corrections officers, firefighters, EMS, patriots, guardians, and everyday civilians who believe in protecting others and standing up against evil. Despite current attacks and how many may feel about those who make up the line, the line is eternal and everlasting. No matter how hard the dark may fight there will always be those who are brave enough to stand up against evil and hold the line. No matter how the sheep may feel about the sheepdogs or how ignorant the sheep may be of the dangers in the world there will always be sheepdogs to protect them from the wolves and the darkness. Eternal Line Apparel believes in providing high quality apparel for those bad ass enough to wear it. Our clothing is made for a soft comfortable feel. 10% of our monthly profits will be donated to support families of fallen first responders and military members. Please check out our apparel and email us with any questions you have. Give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook to help our brand grow.

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